Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bad dog!

Being the mom to 3 dogs, I'm used to dog associated grief. Being used to it didn't help with how I felt about coming home after a nice day shopping to find that Luci, our youngest at 11 years, had decided to make our living room couch into her personal nest. Our couch is awaiting recovering, so the fabric is just artfully, yet securely tucked all around... and looks pretty good regularly. Not after Luci was done!

She didn't stop at the couch, either. The curtains and blinds need adjusting now, as well.

She didn't even have the grace to look ashamed! Perhaps she thinks I should fry her up some liver and serve it to her in a silver bowl?

1 comment:

KR said...

LOL she looks like liver in a silver bowl would be adequate for all her hard work. ;) What a stinker. :) Still cute as a button though!