Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last Pair!

This is the last pair of socks I am embellishing... for now. I went back to Big Lots for another fix... um... bag of socks, but they didn't have any more in the right size. Maybe if I cast on a knitted pair I'll get over this silly need to add ruffles on baby socks? If not... I can always stalk the sock aisles for a new shipment.

My son condescended (he's 21) to come thrift shopping with me today. His find? US Divers Rocket Fins for $5. Happy faces all around. He was further pleased when the scratch and dent food store had canola oil and paraffin for a great price. He uses both in his blacksmithing. Our last stop netted him a shirt for $1. See? Hanging around with mom isn't ALL bad!


KR said...

The socks are absolutely adorable. :) Great finds today too! WOOT!

Ranger Jen said...

Very cute!!!!!