Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowflake Snack... low carb!

Low carb eating can make me feel a bit deprived at the holidays. I saw these cookies made with regular tortillas dusted with cinnamon sugar and figured a few alterations could make them acceptable for low carb dieters.

I used the smaller tortillas from La Tortilla Factory, just because they are the ones available to me locally. After folding a tortilla in half, I folded it in thirds.

Using regular (clean!) scissors I cut out my snowflake. If you've ever made these out of paper you know to leave parts uncut on every edge so you won't just end up with a bunch of chips.

I put my finished tortillas on a greased baking sheet and brushed them with oil. Next time I may try egg white, like in regular cookies. They were sprinkled with cinnamon Splenda, and then I ground some chunk cinnamon on top, as well. They went into the oven on broil just until they started to brown.

They came out quite cute and I don't feel like I'm missing out on holiday treats... since I have one. The La Tortilla Factory tortillas have just 3 net carbs each, and I cut some of those off! Adding the bit of carb that Splenda and cinnamon both have, it's still a very low carb snack.

The next batch? I'm going to be really decadent and fry them!

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Mojen said...

ooooh, pretty!

I shall be stalking/reading with interest for future suggestions! (I'm meant to eat low carb, but never quite manage it...)