Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trimming Socks with Crochet

I became a grandmother this past June. I enjoy knitting and crocheting for the baby, but she honestly doesn't need very much. She's a Florida baby so doesn't need as many wooly items as babies farther north. So... I was happy to find out she had outgrown her socks as I've been wanting to girly some up. At knitting this evening I tried the first one. I used what I thought was a cute sock yarn. It's ugh on a couple of levels. The color changes aren't quick enough to get them all in, so the ruffle misses out on the candy look of the yarn. The thickness of the yarn is a problem, too. The drape and shape was not what I was looking for.

So I moved on. With ruffle number 2 I chose an ombre crochet cotton. Much better! The sock above is going to have its ruffle removed and replaced with one like this one. It was easy to do. I just single crocheted into the top of the sock, all the way around, using a size 4 metal hook. I used the weave of the sock as a guide for where to put the stitches in so it would be even. The stitches were connected when the end of the round was reached. I then followed this stitch pattern...

Chain 3 (acts as a dc)
then dc in same sc.

Then 3 dc in next sc, and 2 dc in next sc... all the way around.

It's a good place to try fancy stitches, but that will be in later pairs.

Hopefully this is how the baby will feel about her new, embellished socks!


Caitlin said...

How do you attach the trim to the sock. I'm confused.

The sock is cute...

but not as cute as that pudge monster. :)

Diane said...

Awww... thanks!

I don't "attach" the trim... I work a round of single crochet right into the sock for the first row. I'll take pictures tomorrow and post.

littlepeepsmom said...

So cute! The socks too! I love the socks idea!