Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dinner and a movie...

At home... but dinner and a movie nonetheless.

Tonight's dinner was a low carb success. I got the recipe idea from 200 Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes: Healthy Dinners That Are Ready When You Are! by Dana Carpender. The original recipe, "I've Got a Life" Chicken, called for chicken, mushrooms, orange juice, grated zest, chicken bouillon concentrate, pepper, tomato sauce, soy sauce, Splenda, molasses, garlic and thyme.

Being unable to leave well enough alone I used a can of crushed tomatoes with chiplotle peppers and left out the thyme... thinking with everything else going on in the recipe, perhaps the peppers and thyme might clash.

I grow citrus... I grow a LOT of citrus... so I used one of my satsumas for the juice and zest.

Fast forward past the cooking to the eating part. Everyone thought it was yummy, but could be improved. I'm thinking about leaving out the soy next time... my daughter suggested leaving out the Splenda, as it tasted a bit sweet to her. The orange was very tasty but was so intense it overwhelmed the other flavors. I didn't notice any heat from the chipotles or the garlic... and no tomato flavor. My husband has a cold and has dulled senses... he said "I tasted the orange and it was good" LOL. It might just be that the oranges fresh off the tree are extreme orange... maybe all that good organic growing?

Here's what it looked like in the pot after my husband and I had served ourselves. The kitchen smells good!

Oh yeah... the movie.

It was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We didn't get to the theater to see it so I ordered it from amazon.

It was like all the Harry Potter movies. I love them. They will remain classics for me.

But I love the books more.

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