Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blog Challenge - I'll Start with Some Ornaments...

Kristin on Reclaiming the Home over at Ravelry threw out a challenge to blog daily in December... I'm going to try.

My family and I have always enjoyed crafts... and holiday crafts are especially fun... so here are a few of the Christmas ornaments we have crafted over the years.

First is a little strawberry made out of a walnut. We made these with the kids when they were little, they could paint, cut the felt for the strawberry top, and assemble them, with just some help from an adult with the hot glue.

The second is a mouse. She's made out of a walnut shell half, with pistachio shell ears... using a matched set. We used yellow felt for the Swiss cheese. For some we glued on bead eyes but this one has painted features and a yarn tail. Fishing line for the hanger.

Different color felts could be different cheeses.

Last year my daughter Laura and I made some out of polymer clay on clear glass balls. We made little log rolls of different colors, like making spiral cookies, then sliced them and stuck them closely together on the glass ball. We got them to form a solid skin on the ball by rolling them around while applying gently pressure. We baked them without the little metal hanger part attached. The thing that surprised me about them was how heavy they turned out... still light enough to put on the tree without any problems, but they weigh more than you expect an ornament to weigh.

I'll be back tomorrow for day two of the blog challenge!


Mojen said...

oooooh, I love the bauble!

TheWench said...

So cute!!!

Caitlin said...

Did you get these ideas somewhere or did you make them up?